Recycling Guide


For a printable Recycling Guide, Recycle Guide 2020.


PAPER can be recycled:

  • White and pastel stationery, ledger, notebook, and computer paper
  • Envelopes (opened only)
  • Magazines and glossy paper: we sort them into separate bins
  • Newspapers: separate bins
  • Please bag shredded paper


  • Take cardboard to exterior cardboard trailer or cage provided for the building


  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin cans-rinsed, but labels can remain
  • Tin lids

PLASTIC what we can recycle:

  • Recyclable rigid plastics #1-7
  • Rinse containers. No food or liquids

BOOKS: Hard and soft bound

  • Books can be recycled through the UC Barnes and Noble Book Store
  • Contact book store by email or by phone at 406-303-3690 to drop off your book or books.


Please take notice of the items that we do not recycle at UM. IRemoving these items from the recycling consumes much of the work crew's time and increases the cost of the recycling program.

  • Plastic bags
  • Coffee cups
  • Milk or any liquid cartons (ie: 1/2 gallon milk, almond milk, soup boxes)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Compostable plastics (ie: biodegradable or compostable green/eco seal cups or products)
  • Glass 
  • Unopened mail 
  • Paper towels
  • Paper and styrofoam cups

Phone Books and Binders:

  • Please leave these items next to the recycling bins.


All electronics that are no longer used, are evaluated for repurposing, wiped of all personal and private data, and if no longer useful, sent to an R-2 certified e-recycler in Idaho. No e-waste is sent to a landfill. Please contact the Work Order Desk at 406-243-6091 for pick up.

UM only recycles rechargeable batteries. Bag rechargeable batteries and leave them besides the bins.  Alkaline batteries can be disposed of in the trash or recycled through an off campus program. A recommended program is Battery Solutions, Inc.

UM staff replaces all fluorescent light bulbs and brings the dead bulbs to UM Recycling to have them crushed and recycled. Do not leave light bulbs at the recycling hubs. If you have compact or linear fluorescent bulbs that you would like recycled, please contact the Work Order Desk at 406-243-6091 for pick.  

Cell phones are considered e-waste. Cell phone providers often will accept old cell phones and repurpose parts in them. 

For more information about what can and cannot be recycled at UM, contact:
Jim Lyon
Recycling Coordinator
UM Recycling

Derek Kanwischer
Industrial Materials Coordinator

For an emergency or supplemental pick up, call the Work Order Desk at 406-243-6091.

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