All in the Hall

All in the Hall is an initiative where all trash and recyclables are collected in a centralized location. All in the Hall requires removing single stream trash cans from classrooms and hallways that typically collect both landfill and recycling items. The pairing of waste and recycling bins is critical, providing options for appropriate sorting when putting your items in a bin. The pairing of landfill and recycling bins in central and convenient locations increases waste diversion and recycling rates. By sending fewer items to the landfill, we provide economic and social benefits for UM, the Missoula community, and the greater environment that surrounds us. By asking office occupants to manage their own office trash adn recycling, we hope to increase awareness of the materials we consume, recycle, and throw away to the landfill. All of our new recycling and landfill bins have intuitive signs to help with the sorting process. To help prevent contamination in our recycling bins, if you are unsure whether an item should be recycled or landfilled, please place it in the landfill bin. 

UM Recycling bins
Eck Hall Recycling Bins

Trash cans will not be removed from any offices. It is up to the user(s) to empty your cans and sort your recycling and trash at one fo our hallway locations. Please refer to the FAQ below on this page for additional information about the program. In addition to the sustainability and efficiency attributes previously metioned, UM's custodial staff do not have to enter each office for trash service, they can use their limited time more effectively to clean and disinfect common use areas of buildings. All in the Hall has been implemented on campuses and within municipal buildings across the country which has increased awareness and participation in waste diversion efforts. 

Eck Hall is the first building selected on UM's campus to pilot an All in the Hall strategy. Combined with our new recycling stations and signage, we hope to learn from the experience of our building occupants and those who service our landfill and recycling materials. 

Recycling Guide for Eck Hall