UC Composting


The University Center Food Court has introduced new Zero Waste stations to comost our post-consumer food scraps and compostable packaging materials. When you visit the UC Food Court and UC Commons make sure to learn about which items are and are not compostable and place your items in the appropriate bin. 


Did you know that all food served and most of the packaging used at the UC Food Court is 100% compostable? EcoProduct-branded compostable materials can all be composted if sorted and sent to an industrial compost facility. We encourage everyone in the Food Court to sort their trash, recycling, and compostable materials into the appropriate bin. Once collected, the food and compostable packaging is sent to Garden City Compost in Missoula where it is combined with other compostable materials and turned into nutrient rich compost and topsoil available to the community. 

Volunteer to help

Please help us prevent contamination of our recycling and compost! The following signs are on the bins to help you sort your compostable items from the rest. For the fist few weeks of March 2021, students and staff are present during peek lunch hours to help this process and answer any questions. We are asking everyone to fill out a survey to better understand how to improve our process and understand what people think about composting on campus. If you have any questions or would like to help us use the volunteer link above or email our UM Sustainability staff: derek.kanwischer@mso.umt.edu

compost-sign landfill-sign recycle-sign 

The following video highlights a few of our campus efforts that students and staff have been engaged with the last couple of years and has led to this Zero Waste effort in the University Center. 


Link to UC Commons user survey --  survey here