Undergraduate Minors

The topic of sustainability can be incorporated into any discipline and any minor. This list is a sampling of minors offered at UM that have a strong emphasis on sustainability, the environment, and natural resources.


The undergraduate minor in Climate Change Studies will educate students from a wide array of disciplines on the scientific and social issues arising from global climate change. 

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Wilderness and Civilization is an inspiring and demanding academic program. Each year, a small group of students from around the country are immersed in the study of wildland conservation and the human-nature relationship. Wilderness and Civilization combines the strengths of classroom and field learning, interactive classes, dedicated faculty, and applied learning through internships. Wilderness and Civilization offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary conservation debates, make connections between disciplines, and learn how to work for positive change.

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International Development Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on the interconnected processes of social, political, economic, cultural, and environmental change taking place in poor countries and poorer regions of wealthy countries.

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