Scholarships in Sustainability



Sustainability is an integral part of many programs at the University of Montana. The skills and perspective developed through sustainability work are adaptable and applicable to most facets of life. Opportunities to explore sustainability are available from a variety of sources in the form of scholarships and fellowships.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Sonny Kless Clean Energy and Climate Change Student Scholarship

The Sonny Kless Scholarship was established in honor of Sonny Kless, a late UM alumn who spearheaded environmental activism. His family continues to support the environmental studies program at UM both through this scholarship and KRELF, the Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund, a revolving fund supported by the student sustainability fee thatallows students to pursue conservation projects and initiatives.

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate students enrolled in, or planning to enroll in, the Environmental Studies Program. 
Award Amount: Varies
Applicants Should: Have promising leadership potential and an interest in making positive change in areas of energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and/or climate change.

Campus Dining Coffee Club Sustainability Scholarship

Campus Dining has expanded their sustainability program substantially over the last few years, promoted by Just Eats. The Coffee Club stickers available for purchase on campus allow reusable coffee mugs to be refilled at any Campus Dining location, including the UC Market, for only $1. The money made from the stickers goes 100% towards this sustainability scholarship. 

Who Can Apply: Any undergraduate or graduate student at UM.
Award Amount: Varies; last year four students won $1,000 each. 
Applicants Should: Have made contributions to addressing social and/or environmental issues in their communities. Requires a two-page essay on those efforts.

W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation Sustainability Fellowship Program

The Franke Sustainability Fellowship Program (FSFP) is a prestigious opportunity that allows students to spearhead sustainability work outside of the classroom. Selected candidates will have their projects supported by college faculty as they develop skills, experience, and real-life application of green practices. The two types of fellowships are: 1. An off-campus education program exchange, particularly international, or 2. Internationally-based field study and research with faculty.

Who Can Apply: Undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Forestry. Encouraged to discuss this fellowship with mentor faculty before or during their sophomore/junior year.
Award Amount: $3,000 - $15,000 based on project proposal.
Applicants Should: Have a proposal for a program, field study, or project that contributes to sustainability, will earn credits, and ideally last at least three months. 

Len and Sandy Sargent Environmental Activism & Advocacy Fellowship Award

The Sargent family and Cinnabar foundation are philanthropists with a strong interest in land conservation and the Montana environmental legacy. The purpose of the fellowship is to bring the cost of tuition down to a TARA resident rate.

Who Can Apply: Graduate students enrolled with the Environmental Studies Program.
Award Amount: $5,000 for one student a year.
Applicants Should: Be actively involved in environmental activism and use this fellowship to further graduate studies in renewable resources and conservation.

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The University of Montana and the Office of Sustainability want to provide as many opportunities for students as possible for pursuing their interests.


Financial Aid, scholarships, and fellowships are most trustworthy when they come internally from a university or accredited education program.


When using large scholarship search engines, do your research and be careful

  • If a scholarship application requires a fee or a deposit, then it is a SCAM.
  • If you receive a scholarship that you did not apply to, it is a SCAM.
  • Do not ever give out your bank information or social security number to a scholarship; if the application asks for that information than it is a SCAM.

Always do your research, fill out the entirety of applications, and work hard with your award. Good luck!