The University of Montana has several committees dedicated to sustainability. For a complete list of University committees, please visit the committee listings page.


The Sustainable Campus Committee recognizes the importance of this and aims to lead by example and provide strategic guidance to campus leadership on issues of sustainability and climate action. By identifying and recommending projects that move the University towards sustainability, the Committee will provide momentum and guidance to UM administration, faculty, staff, and students to achieve environmentally and socially responsible living.

For an current list of SCC members and efforts, please contact Eva Rocke. 

The Sustainability Board charged to interact with students and administration in order to advocate for sustainable practices on our campus. The goal of outreach is to share with students how they can contribute to their community and push positive social change which will lessen our University's footprint.  The committee is also focused on implementing university policies which reflect similar, environmentally-friendly philosophies. 

Visit ASUM's website for information on becoming a student senator or serving as a student at large. 

The UM Green Cleaning Working Group is responsible for implementing UM's Green Cleaning policy.

The Kless Sustainability Fund committee is responsible for the proposal review process for projects submitted to the fund. Please contact the ASUM Sustainability Coordinator with questions or visit the Kless website.

UM Campus Dining is committed to acting as an essential and sustainable component to the greater campus community. This working group works on strategies for campus dining to advance their sustainability goals.