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The room was buzzing with energy and conversation. Over 75 students, faculty, staff, and administrators came together in small discussion groups to explore the challenging and exciting issue of carbon neutrality. UM's 3rd Campus Climate Conversation took place on October 30, 2014 and aimed to unpack some of the strategies available for meeting our institution's climate action commitments. On this particular night, participants grappled with the topic of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits as strategies for climate action. Earlier conversations addressed UM's Climate Action Plan more generally, how UM constituents can engage in campus decision-making processes, and how sustainability leaders can continue to engage the whole campus in sustainability work.

Participants in each of the Conversations were given a Resource Guide to inform them of the context, background, and technical information relevant to each event's focus. Those materials can be found below.

Spring 2013 Resource Guide

Spring 2013 Summary Report

Fall 2014 Resource Guide

Fall 2014 Summary Report

For more information on UM's Campus Conversations, please contact Nicky Phear (Climate Change Studies program) or Eva Rocke (UM Sustainability Coordinator).


Renewable Energy Loan Fund

The Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund (KRELF) will be accepting projects for the 2014-2015 school year.  These projects will look at improving efficiency in the laundry facilities and common areas in the dorms! The KRELF fund allows students to propose projects that save energy on campus using money generated through a $6 per semester optional student Sustainability Fee. Projects funded by the KRELF must demonstrate quantifiable savings and a return on investment. Funded projects will reduce annual operating expenses, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and lower energy costs in campus buildings.

For more information contact the ASUM Sustianability Coordinator at

Learn more about KRELF: KRELF

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