Green Dorm Room Tips

University of Montana

Green Dorm Room Tips!

Ten Ways to Green Your Dorm Room!


1.    Get Local, Get Crafty

a.     Get thrifty like the locals!  Don’t ship or haul new stuff across the country.  Check out the local shops and resale stores in Missoula and support your        new community! 

        i.   Check out places like Craigslist; Goodwill; Secret Seconds; Bargain Corner.

       ii.   The Sustainable Business Council encourages sustainable business consumption and practices in Missoula.

b.     Revamp your desk from high school with a fresh coat of nontoxic paint.

c.     Make your own curtains, cushion or pillow covers to spice up your room.


 2.    Be a Total Turn-off! 

a.     Plug all your stuff into a power-strip, better yet, get a “smart” power strip, and turn it off at night.

b.     Get in the habit of switching off lights when you leave a room.  Your eco-consciousness will impress your new friends…..


3.    Step Out of the Car, Please.

a.     Get BUS-y!  Check out campus buses or Missoula’s own Mountain Line for your public transportation options.  It’s free for students with student ID!

b.     BIKE it!  Bring your bike to campus and get some exercise and never worry about parking!  Check out the cruiser co-op, too! 

c.     WALK!  Missoula is beautiful---and fairly flat!

4.    I Brought My Own, Thanks

a.     Bring your own stainless steel or BPA-free water bottle and don’t waste any of your precious budget on buying water --- on campus, it’s free!

b.     Caffeinate Consciously - bring your own reusable coffee mug to the UC for a refill.

5.    Hey!  WATER You Doing?

a.     Now, Missoula DID used to be covered by a glacial lake, but you don’t need to drain the entire aquifer for your precious shower.  Try to do           rinse, lather, rinse in under five minutes.  YOU CAN DO IT!

b.     Shut off the faucet when you can while you are brushing your teeth or washing your face.

c.     Keep your eye out for running faucets and shut them off.

6.    How Many Freshman Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

a.     One!  Just say no to incandescent light bulbs and halogens!  Bring your own CFLs to put in your lamps in your rooms.   

b.     You can’t change the dorm bulbs yourself, but you can keep your eye out for incandescent lights and help make the change to CFLs campus-wide!   Just contact the ASUM Sustainability Center for more information!

7.    Linens and……Linens

a.     Instead of buying a polyester-filled comforter, go for organic wool or organic cotton-filled duvet or wool or cotton blankets. 

b.     Go for organic cotton sheets, curtains or towels, if possible. So soft, so pesticide-free.

8.    Is Your Mini-Refrigerator Running?

Sure, it’s nice to have the mini-fridge next to your bed so you don’t have to move when you want to grab a pop or chunk of cheese, but, before you  make this common freshman purchase, the ASUM Sustainability Center asks you to think about whether or not you really need it. I mean, there is  not a lot of room in the dorm room. A mini-fridge can take up valuable stereo space.  However, if you do find it to be a necessity, we ask that you  get an energy efficient one!

9.    The Clothesline is So Much More than a Wrestling Move

a.     Get a hanging rack or mini-clothesline and hang dry your wardrobe 

b.     Stay away from scented laundry detergent and buy “free and clear” detergent without all the chemical dyes and perfumes—they still smell good! 

c.     If you want fabric softener, buy it from a green brand like Seventh Generation or Ecover and keep your clothes phthalate-free! 

d.     Check-out even more laundry tips!

10.           Clean Green!

a.     UM has been doing green cleaning, you can too!

b.     Choose non-toxic, biodegradable substitutes

c.     Consider making your own cleaning products instead of buying pricier, ready-mixed bottles of cleaners.