Student Employment Opportunities

The ASUM Office of Transportation is a full service student-run transportation provider and operates the UDASH bus system. As one of only a handful of student-owned and operated transit systems in the country, student employees at ASUM Transportation gain a unique variety of experience.

We are currently hiring UDASH Bus Drivers.


Bus Driver

UDASH bus drivers are the most highly paid student employees at the University of Montana. Drivers learn how to safely and efficiently operate a bus and are responsible for delivering thousands of passengers safely each day. Post-graduation benefits: large vehicle experience in conjunction with a UM degree. NOW HIRING. APPLY ONLINE.

Side view of a UDASH Bus on the UM Campus
UDASH drivers transport thousands of UM students, faculty, and staff to campus every day.

Lead Bus Driver

Lead drivers are drivers with increased levels of responsibility. Lead drivers help train incoming drivers, assist with record-keeping, take on other higher-level tasks, and receive a premium wage. Post-graduation benefits: leadership and supervisory skills.

Planning and GIS Technician

Planning and GIS technicians analyze student residential and commuting patterns to determine optimal service programming for UDASH bus routes. Techs use state-of-the-art GIS analysis to provide planning assistance to the board of directors, target marketing and outreach efforts, help site park-and-ride facilities, and help select optimal sites for fueling and washing buses. Post-graduation benefits: real-world transportation planning experience.

Statistician (Intern)

ASUM Transportation statisticians analyze ridership information, fuel consumption data, survey results, and other program data to assist with grant writing, funding requests, service programming, and outreach efforts. Post-graduation benefits: extensive qualitative and quantitative data experience.


Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach/Marketing Coordinator develops marking and outreach plans for neighborhood engagement, campus events, and social media presences. Post-graduation benefits: experience marketing an existing $1M program.

Active & Sustainable Transportation Ambassadors

Sustainable Transportation Ambassadors conduct outreach on safe bicycling and bus riding. The ambassadors offer personalized trip planning assistance, and a variety of educational workshops and fun activities. Post-graduation benefits: extensive marketing, educational, and event planning experience.

Media Specialist (Intern)

The Media Specialist produces media pieces for the website and for social media. 


Student Bike Mechanic

Bike Mechanics perform a wide range of repairs on rental bikes. Mechanics also help host bike clinics in the spring and fall to help students keep their bikes tuned up.

UM Bike Ambassadors hold a bike tune-up clinic on the Oval.
UM Transportation Ambassadors and Bike Mechanics host a spring bike tune-up.