Mountain Biking

Missoula is a great town for mountain biking. Follow these tips to ensure that you stay safe, show respect, and have fun.

Two people mountain biking

Trail Etiquette

Most trails are mixed use; always yield to pedestrians and horses. When approaching a horse, dismount and speak up to the rider. Do not startle the horse by staying quiet. Always let hikers and other riders know you're there before you're there.

Be prepared. Injuries can happen. Always take a first aid kit and preferably a friend. It will take a long time for emergency services to reach you in the backcountry, so don’t get stranded without the proper equipment.

Conserve the resource. Practice the "leave no trace" ethic, and respect trail closures. 

If the ground is wet enough that your tires are creating ruts, stay off the trails. This not only creates poor conditions for other trail users, but also is damaging to the environment and causes erosion.

Always yield to the cyclist coming uphill. It will be much harder for them to restart on an incline than it will be for you to get going downhill again.


Check out the Cycling Organizations tab to see other mountain biking groups in Missoula, and check out as your definitive guide to trail maps, trail conditions, and mountain biking events.