Riding the Bus

Important UDASH Service Information

Regular UDASH service ends Friday May 13th and returns on Monday August 29th.



The Office of Transportation offers convenient public transportation to the University of Montana. All UDASH routes are free and open to the public. Routes included in the UDASH system are the Red Line (serving Lewis & Clark & student housing), the Green Line (Missoula College) and the  Purple Line (5th/6th corridor). 

Mountain Line

Mountain Line, Missoula's municipal transit agency, is free and open to the public. Routes 1, 8 and 12 have stops on campus. Visit Mountain Line's website for more information or download the Mountain Line App on your mobile device.

Routes, Schedules and Trip Planning Assistance

The Office of Transportation is here to help. We offer free consultations, if you need assistance planning your commute. We have brochures, maps and other tools to help you explore new ways to commute.

Information on Your Mobile Device

Real-time UDASH bus information is available by smartphone app and mobile web. Learn more about our mobile offerings.