Park & Ride

Dornblaser/Lewis and Clark Park & Ride

bus in front of lewis and clark transit center

UDASH’s Red Line offers a free Park & Ride shuttle service from the Dornblaser/Lewis and Clark parking lots to the UM Transit Hub every 20 minutes, starting at 6:56 am and ending at 10:16 pm. Students, faculty, and staff may park at any of the parking lots surrounding Dornblaser for free and ride the bus to campus, so there is no need to pay for a parking pass. 

Free parking is available at all yellow highlighted areas on the map below and includes the following lots: 

  1. Lewis and Clark Transfer Center (South Lot) 
  2. Dornblaser Lewis and Clark Stadium (East Lot) 
  3. Dornblaser Park & Ride (North Lot) 

map displaying dornblaser park and ride lot, east stadium lot, and the lewis and clark transfer center lot highlighted in yellow. two stops are highlighted in red.

Benefits of using the Park & Ride: 

  • It's free!
  • You can learn to use and get familiar with public transportation
  • It reduces traffic and congestion
  • It reduces air pollution and combats climate change
  • Walkability and navigation around campus is safer
  • You'll reach your destination free of stress (no more worrying about getting there early enough to find a spot)!

Mountain Line Stops

Additionally, you can catch one of Mountain Line’s Routes when you park at the Park & Ride: 

Mountain Line Route 1 comes every 15 minutes at peak hours and will stop at the Dornblaser Park & Ride Bus Stop. Mountain Line Route 12 is on an hourly schedule and picks up along the road west of the Lewis and Clark Transfer Center. It also picks up from Higgins and Livingston St, and the Dornblaser Park & Ride Bus Stop.  

Please note that these routes will drop you off along Arthur Avenue and do not end at the UM Transit Hub.  

Transit App

You can track the UDASH and Mountain Line buses in real-time by downloading the Transit App.

Level up your commute UDASH has you covered, download Transit App and Redeem Royale free