Am I Eligible?

Students are eligible for TRIO Student Support Services if they are seeking their first undergraduate degree and meet at least ONE of the following qualifications and are able to demonstrate academic need:

  • First-Generation College Student - Neither parent (or guardian) completed a four-year college degree before your 18th birthday.
  • Low-Income - You qualify under federal financial guidelines (similar to Pell Grant eligibility).
  • You have a documented physical or learning disability.

*Unfortunately, our TRIO grant does not allow us to serve Missoula College students.  Please apply when you plan on transferring to the mountain campus. 

If Eligible, please do the following:

  1. Complete the application. (once opened, please download and re-open in a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview).  
  2. Email your application to Erin Shaw at
  3. Bring the application to Aber 326 and schedule an intake appointment. 

(You can also schedule an appointment with a TRIO SSS advisor by calling 406-243-5032 or emailing

*TRIO SSS is funded each year at $419,939, 93% of which is federal funds. More information on the federal TRIO programs is available on the US Department of Education website.