Student Recognition

TRIO helps students succeed!  Our students are rockstars who continually challenge themselves, inspire our staff and set an example for their peers.  Each month we feature a TRIO SSS student who has excelled in their studies and is progressing toward graduation!

February, 2021 Student of the Month

Josh Cissell


My name is Josh Cissell. I was born on an army base in Fairbanks Alaska. My passions are astronomy and anything that involves space. I am a non-traditional student, a math tutor, beginner mentor, and my most important and favorite role, a father.

Instead of rambling on about myself, which I do not like to do, I will elaborate on an often heard, but mostly ignored statement and end it with a quote. We hear the statement “You can do whatever you put your mind to” all the time but most fail to realize how utterly powerful believing that statement is true can be. Believing in oneself is the first step towards greatness. A calm before the storm of perseverance and determination to achieve one’s goals. A small match below a pile of dry kindling and logs ready to be set ablaze with willpower. One of the most wonderfully amazing things about the belief in oneself and the above statement is its sheer contagious ability to spread. It spreads fast and uncontainable like the black plague but instead of fleas, rats, death and destruction we get a sort of herd “we can do this “type of mentality full of positivity and support that spreads from person to person like a “good disease”. I will leave you all with one final piece of advice, but more a quote to live by that I thought up long ago and adjusted through life’s circumstances.

“Move always forward but never in a straight line as that’s the easy path and all the best things in life lie just beyond difficulty and sheer terror.”

- Josh Cissell -