UC Marketing

The UC Marketing Group manages the websites, social media, public relations, and event promotions for the University Center and Montana Event Services. We hire UM students to assist in these efforts and help them obtain experience in their field before graduating.

Advertising in the University Center

Banners & Posters

Inside the UC

Any banners or posters that you want displayed in the University Center must be approved by ShipEx. Subject matter must advertise a student group, campus activity, or non-profit organization of interest to students. Banners and posters can only stay up for 10 weekdays. You are responsible to take down and collect your banner within 24 hours of your event. To learn more about the policies for hanging banners/posters inside the UC, please contact ShipEx.

Outside the UC

Banners that display outside of the University Center on one of the main entrances must be reserved in advance through Montana Event Services, located on the 3rd floor of the UC. You can simply call (406) 243-4114 to reserve your spot. Be sure to reserve well in advance, these spaces fill up quickly.

UC TV Slides

The University Center allows UM departments and ASUM-recognized student groups to run TV slides for free. Please submit slides that are 1920 px by 1080 px through the TV Slide Submission Form. Please state your requested run time (maximum of 2 weeks). We reserve the right to decline any submitted slides if they are deemed inappropriate. If there are too many slides in rotation at any given time, we may ask that each department or group condense their information into a single slide. 

Download one of the templates below if you need help getting started:

Image of slide linked to PowerPoint Template     Image of slide linked to PowerPoint Template

Table Tents Procedure

  • UC Administration must approve all table tents prior to being placed in the UC. Requests must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to placement.
  • Table tents may be requested for placement in the UC by a UC entity, UC business partner, or ASUM recognized group.
  • Table tents are only allowed for time sensitive events and may be placed around the UC no more than 7 days prior to the event.
  • All table tents must be a folded, free-standing tent and not a flat sheet or flyer. Table tents must contain contact information for the ASUM group or UC entity.
  • The table tent must be date stamped by the organization with the stamp provided by UC Administration; the stamp will reflect the date for removal, typically the day following the event/program.
  • Only one group at a time will be allowed to display table tents.
  • UC Administration will maintain a calendar of approved requests; it will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The organization is responsible for removing the tents at the appropriate time.
  • Table tents may only be placed around the first and second floor Atrium and fixed seating areas, which includes the Commons dining area; table tents are not allowed in the second floor Tech Lounge, second floor meeting rooms, or anywhere on the third floor.
  • The University Center assumes no responsibility for maintaining the tents.