Showing at the UCG


Q & A on Proposing a Show at the UC Gallery

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What does proposing a show mean?

  • Proposing a show means you are requesting to use the gallery space to show a collection of your artwork. This should be work that is cohesive (united by a theme or concept) either as a body of work by an individual, pair, or group. If selected, your work will be installed in the gallery for an approx four week period during the 22/23 academic year.

Who decides which proposals are selected?

  • Proposals will be juried by the Gallery Director and selected University Center admin. Gallery Director has final say.

When will I hear back about my proposal?

  • Proposals are due by April 29, 2022. Artists will be notified of status by May 9, 2022.

Can I change my title/statement later?

  • Titles may only change with permission of Gallery Director, and no later than 1 week before the beginning of classes the semester show installs. Statements may be altered, but not dramatically changed, up to three weeks before show installs.

What should my artist statement include?

  • This is a really fantastic site about artist stamens.
  • We are looking for what you are proposing to do for this show; the ideas and concepts behind the work and how it fits into your art practice in general. What medium or material are you using, and how does this address the ideas and issues you're presenting?
  • What, How, Why?

I want to have a group show, how does that work?

  • Select one person to be the main contact for the show, but otherwise fill out the proposal the same. Be sure to list all exhibiting artists.

Can I host an event (thesis, artist talk, lecture, etc) in the Gallery?

  • Absolutely! These can be scheduled and prepared with the Gallery Director. We can provide a projector, chairs, and podium as required.

Does the UC Gallery sell work?

  • Yes, if you choose to have your work for sale. There is a 25% commission that goes to gallery upkeep.

What does the UC Gallery provide the artists?

The UC Gallery provides:

  • Promotional materials: press release, postcards, posters, GrizHub and social media postings
  • Professional installation and de-installation (or help, in the case of installation-based work)
  • Opening or Closing reception with small catering budget
  • Staffed hours, M-F 11am-6pm, with special event hours some Saturdays
  • Vinyl show title
  • Work title placards
  • Tours, artist talks, class visits
  • Facilitation of sales

Artist agrees to:

  • Show up to installation on time and with finished work ready to hang/install
  • Provide promotional materials (high-res photos, statement, bio) at least three weeks before show date)
  • Work directly with Gallery Director and follow established guidelines on minimal alteration to gallery space (including no hanging work from ceiling)