Presenting Research

Every year, hundreds of students at The University of Montana take advantage of opportunities to present their research and creative scholarship at local, regional, and national conferences. Sharing your work can help you expand your network of contacts with students, faculty, and community members who share your research interests. For undergraduates who intend to complete a graduate or professional degree, presenting your research can be an invaluable experience. We recommend that you meet with your faculty mentor to discuss your interest in sharing your research. Your faculty mentor can help match your research interests with an appropriate public venue, and your mentor can also assist you in planning and practicing your research presentation.

Students who intend to present their research at a scholarly conference will need to decide whether their research should be presented as a poster or as an oral presentation. In many disciplines, the preferred mode of presentation is already well-established, while in other disciplines, researchers can choose the mode that will best communicate their research outcomes. Consult with your faculty mentor to ascertain what mode of presentation would be best-suited for your research or creative scholarship.

This website offers information and advice on how to make an effective research presentation:

Poster Presentation
Oral Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation