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On behalf of the Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship Committee, thank you for being an integral part of UMCUR 2021! We appreciate everyone’s extra effort in presenting their best work and especially appreciate your resilience and adaptability with this year’s digital format. 

Selecting winners was extremely difficult this year and special thanks to our judges for stepping up. Each of the more than 100 student projects was reviewed and ranked by multiple judges according to the UMCUR rubric criterion. Judges’ comments reflected enthusiasm for students’ communication skills, and for the quality and creativity of their projects. We sincerely hope that all participants will continue to pursue their scholarly interests and creative aspirations.

Please join me in congratulating the following students (and their mentors) as the 2021 UMCUR Award Winners. And thanks again to everyone who made this year’s event such a success!



Congratulations to all our 2021 conference award recipients. Each recipient was honored with a certificate and cash award.  Sponsored by UM Experiential Learning and Career Success.

To view the 2021 award-winning submissions online & presentations in ScholarWorks click on the tiles below. Or to view the entire 2021 conference.  

Presenter(s): Presentation Title: Category: Presentation Type: Mentor:
Arwen Baxter The Pedagogy of James Baldwin; What Undergraduate Peer Educators Stand to Learn from Emancipatory Teaching Processes Humanities Oral Presentation Lauren Collins
Fiona Siobhan Bean Les Chiques: The Addition of a Third Gender-Neutral Option in the Spanish Language Humanities Oral Presentation Dora LaCasse
Graydon William Prosser Hidalgo Distant Early Warning in Alarm Responses in Chickadees and Nuthatches – Do birds use their avian neighbors as sentinels? Life
Oral Presentation Erick Greene
Madison Grace Miller Reconstructing Historical Wildfire Temperatures by Analyzing Lake Sediment Charcoal Using Infrared Spectroscopy Physical
Oral Presentation Philip Higuera
Madison Baroch Supporting Middle-Elementary-Age, Second-Language English Speakers: The Effects of Student-Centered Learning and Scaffolding Social
Oral Presentation Mizuki Miyashita
Kendall B. Seibel Mother Courage & her Children - Defining a New Era of Art in the Age of Coronavirus Visual
Performing Arts & Creative Writing
Oral Presentation Pamyla Stiehl
Nicole Bealer Improving Population Monitoring of Wolverines by Integrating Noninvasive Genetic Monitoring and Remote Camera Trapping Life
Poster Presentation Mark Hebblewhite
Ashlesha Khatiwada Analyzing the multipath of GPS time series to study snow properties Physical Sciences Poster Presentation Hilary Martens
Neiman Alexis Snetzer Preparing Students who Stutter for Postsecondary Employment: A Survey of SLPs in Montana Social
Poster Presentation Ginger Collins

Ashley Sinclair, Jeffrey Hyer, Mitchell Reynolds, Megan Jackson, Makayla Haynes, Nicole Ballard, Katelyn Graybeal

REWILDING CHILDREN: Creating Digital Tools for K-5 Wildlife Education Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Group
Oral Presentation
Elena Bigart