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2022 UMCUR Awardees and Mentors2022 UMCUR Awardees, Mentors, President Seth Bodnar, and Dean Timothy Nichols - photo credit, Tommy Martino

Congratulations to all our 2022 conference award recipients. Each recipient was honored with a certificate and cash award.  Sponsored by UM Experiential Learning and Career Success. The awards ceremony was held on Thursday, May 5th from 1:00-2:00pm in the Davidson Honors College.   *Note - Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Awards Ceremony was held on May 2nd at 5:30pm in the UC North Ballroom.

To view the 2022 award-winning submissions online & presentations in ScholarWorks click on the tiles below. Or to view the entire 2022 conference.  

Presenter(s): Presentation Title: Category: Presentation Type: Mentor:
Jesse Jewell Differences in Childhood Bullying Experiences and Self-Harm and Suicidality Across Subgroups of Sexual Minorities Humanities Oral Presentation Greg Machek
Andie Sonnen A Comparison of Wildfire Adaptive Traits in Juvenile Conifers of the Northern Rockies Life Sciences Oral Presentation Beth Dodson
Reyer Fenoff Microseismic Mapping of Aftershock Sequences Following the Lincoln, Montana M 5.8 2017 Earthquake Physical
Oral Presentation Hilary Martens
Eliza Maleski An Analysis of Community and Stakeholder Participation in an Environmental Conflict: The Controversial Proposed Black Butte Copper Project, Smith River Basin Social
Oral Presentation Sarah J. Halvorson
Hannah Dusek Who or What Holds Power in Any Given Situation? Visual
Performing Arts
Oral Presentation Brooklyn Draper
Donna Arganbright Cell Phone Usage in Secondary Schools: A Pervasive Post-Pandemic Problem Humanities Poster Presentation Kate Brayko
Hunter Grimes Investigating the Protein-Protein Interactions of RIOK3 During Viral Infection Life
Poster Presentation J. Stephen Lodmell
Justin Hotaling Per- and Plyfluoroalkyl Contamination from Ski Wax in Western Montana Snowpack Physical Sciences Poster Presentation Nancy Hinman
Kaelyn Kaftan, Laiken Harris, and Rylee Kremer Caregiver Outcomes in the context of Telehealth and In-person Applications of an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program Social
Poster Presentation Jenna Griffin

Jacob Owens, Connor Dunlap, Ben Broadhead, Reed Lindsey, Colin McLean, and Elle Wilgus

Rethinking Trust, Reconnecting Us - Website and Campaign to Combat Misinformation Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) Group
Oral Presentation
Phyllis Ngai