Dance Program Calendar Fall 2015

University  of  Montana   Dance  Program  Calendar  

Autumn  2015    

August  28     Contemporary  Modern  Dance  Placement  Class  Audition         10  AM  PARTV  005    

August  31     Classes  Commence    

Aug  31-­‐Sep  11   Guest  Artist  Residency  with  Melissa  Britt:     Urban  Dance  Forms    

September  1     Majors  Meeting           5:30  PM  Montana  Theatre   (conflicts  with  Hip  Hop  Dance  Class  –  go  to  class!  Not  the   meeting)    

September  4     Fall  Dance  Concert  Auditions         4PM  PARTV  005  (choreographers  meet  3:30PM)    

September  4-­‐6   Bare  Bait  Dance  Presents:  There's  You  &  There's  Me   Collaborative  team  Monica  Rodero  and  Dan  Schuchart  join  BBD   as  guests  to  launch  the  season  with  their  dynamic  duet  work,   There's  You  &  There's  Me.    They  describe  the  work  as  shaped   by  "a  flurry  of  tightly  constructed  duets  and  improvisation...    a   vibrant  rewriting  of  perception  and  expectation."    

September  4  &  5,  2015  @  8pm,  September  6,  2015  @  6pm   Open  Space  Theater  (PARTV  005)  

 September  5     Latin  Dance  Nights:  Back  to  School  Salsa  Social           Downtown  Dance  Collective  8PM    

September  7     Labor  Day,  campus  closed    

September  11-­‐13   Daniela  and  Hernan  Tango  Workshop,  Milogna         Downtown  Dance  Collective    

Sep  14-­‐  Oct  2   Guest  Artist  Residency  with  J.  Edson  “House”  Magana:   Urban  Dance  Forms  

September  16     Flamenco:  Teo  Morca,  Carlos  Lomas,  Vincente  Griego         7:30  PM  First  United  Methodist  Church    

September  18-­‐  19   Audition  for  Garden  City  Ballet  Nutcracker        Ballet  Arts  Academy    

September  26   HOMECOMING  PARADE!!  early  AM  -­‐  mid–day    

October  1 -­‐3     Headwaters  Annual  Concert    at    MCT    

October  3-­‐4   ZooFest  @  Caras  Park     Dance  Performance  TBD    

October  10-­‐11   Embodying  Cellular  Consciousness  through  Breathing  and   Moving  with  Body  Mind  Centering  Founder  Bonnie   Bainbridge  Cohen   Center  for  Creative  and  Healing  Arts,  2935  Stockyard  Rd,  K-­‐5,   Missoula,  MT  59808     Contact:   Workshop  Flyer:­‐fall-­‐special-­‐ event/   Workshop  Registration: ction=evregister&event_id=16    

October  16     Graduation  Papers  due  to  Michele**          

Dance  Up  Close  Production  Meeting  #1  8AM  Seminar  Room    

October  21-­‐25   A  Chorus  Line   October  27-­‐31   Montana  Theatre  7:30  PM  Nightly,  2  PM  matinee  on  the  25th    

October  23     Dance  Up  Close  Production  Meeting  #2  8AM  Seminar  Room    

October  26-­‐27   Dance  Program  Student  Assessment     Dance  Major  Courses  Cancelled  according  to  instructor’s   discretion    

October  27   Thai  Theatre  Workshop  (3:10pm)  and     Performance  (7:30pm)  Masquer  Theatre    

October  30     Dance  Up  Close  Production  Meeting  #3    8AM  Seminar  Room    

November  2   Festival  of  the  Dead,  an  all-­‐inclusive,  annual  multicultural   event  that  honors  life  and  death  through  community   involvement  in  the  arts    
Keep  your  eyes  peeled  for  arts  events  throughout  October  that   lead  up  to  the  main  event  on  November  2-­‐-­‐Performances  at   Circle  Square  (red  XXXX’s)  at  5:30,  parade  down  Higgins  Ave.   starts  at  6:30p,  and  performances  after  the  parade  at  Caras   Park.    

November  6     Dance  Up  Close  Production  Meeting  #4  8AM  Seminar  Room    

November 6      Fall  Underground  Showcase         Headwaters  Home  Studio    

November  11     Veteran’s  Day,  campus  closed    

November  13     Dance  Up  Close  Production  Meeting  #5  8AM  Seminar  Room    

  Dance  Up  Close  Designer  Showing         5:30-­‐7          

  Dance  Up  Close  Rehearsals  move  to  Masquer  Theatre    

November  20     Dance  Up  Close  Production  Meeting  #6  8AM  Seminar  Room    

Nov  29-­‐Dec  3       Dance  Up  Close  Tech  Rehearsals    

December  4-­‐5   Dance  Up  Close  Masquer Theatre 7:30 PM Nightly

December  11-­‐12   Dance Up Close Masquer  Theatre  Nightly  @  7:30  PM,     2  PM  matinee  on  the  12th    

December  5-­‐6   Kinetoscope  2015   An  annual  fan  favorite  for  lovers  of  dance  and  film  alike,  BBD  is   pleased  to  produce  its  third  Kinetoscope  in  conjunction  with   Missoula's  Roxy  Theater.    As  Montana's  only  international   screendance  film  festival,  Kinetoscope  offers  audiences  two   unique  programs  full  of  inspired  collaborations  between   choreographers  and  film-­‐makers.   The  Roxy  Theater    

December  9     Spring  Dance  Concert  Auditions         6:15  PM  PARTV  005    

December  18-­‐20   Garden  City  Nutcracker         Montana  Theatre      

Ongoing  Events:  
Bare Bait Company Class: Every Tuesday 5:30-7PM PARTV 035 Free for Dance Majors and Minors!

Unity Dance and Drum: African Dance Class EVERY  TUESDAY,  7-­‐8:30p  at  the   Missoula  Senior  Center  (705  S.  Higgins),  $10/class  or  $35  for  4  classes.  Best  dance   floor  in  town  and  awesome  musicians.

Dance Church beginning Sundays @ 10amJoin Tricia Opstad and she facilitates some seriously spiritual grooving'. No actual religious affiliation needed, just a love of dance and community. Downtown Dance Collective

Seeing  Me  Seeing  You  The  Practice  of  Authentic  Movement   7:00  PM   The  Barn  Movement  Studio   Description:   You  are  invited  to  join  us  in  Authentic  Movement!  This  fall  our  group  will  be  called   Seeing  Myself  Seeing  You  an  exploration  into  how  we  can  see  more  clearly.   Authentic  Movement  is  a  reflective  dance  form  that  helps  develop  comfort  in  one's   own  body  and  the  ability  to  stay  present  through  all  kinds  of  feelings  and   experiences.  It  is  helpful  for  parents,  educators,  artists,  and  people  seeking  to  know   themselves  better.  We  would  love  for  you  to  join  us!     Please  call  4065412662  to  set  up  an  interview  and  get  ready  to  come  to  group.  If   you  have  moved  with  me  before  this  Fall  you  can  sign  up  for  the  dates  that  work  for   you.  Please  send  a  check  for  $30/session  with  your  name  and  the  dates  you  would   like  to  sign  up  for.  The  group  has  limited  space  so  it  may  be  important  to  reserve   your  spot.  There  is  not  a  refund  for  cancelled  participation.       The  fall  2015  dates  are  the  following  Mondays  from  7-­‐9.   September  7  and  21   October  12  and  26   November  9  and  23   December  7  and  21