Becoming a Dance Major and Program Audition Information


All Students:

Acceptance into the Dance Major Program (including incoming first year students and transfer students) is contingent upon acceptance to the University of Montana. University application information can be found here. You must be accepted to the University of Montana prior to scholarship consideration which takes place in February and March each year. We encourage you to contact the UM Admissions Office for information regarding the University application process and deadlines.

To apply for admission to our program, students must complete a formal audition. Prospective and transfer students are encouraged to attend the annual UM Dance Days during the first week of February to audition in person and receive scholarship consideration. Current UM students interested in declaring a major in dance are advised to attend this audition during the first year of their studies; however students who have advanced through other programs of study are also welcome to attend this annual audition. For more information regarding specific requirements for the Dance Major Audition, please refer to the information below:

Prospective/Transfer Students:

Prospective students are encouraged to attend our annual UM Dance Days event in February for a formal dance major audition and orientation to the UM Dance Program. Auditions take place during the second day (Saturday) of UM Dance Days. During the audition, students are guided through a warm up class taught by UM dance faculty and then learn phrase work in ballet, contemporary modern dance, and jazz. The audition concludes with each dancer presenting a 1.5 to 2 minute solo of his or her own choreography (all genres welcomed). Additionally, prospective dance majors are asked to bring a 1-page letter describing their dance background and why they hope to be considered a candidate for a degree in dance at the University of Montana.

Students who are unable to attend the live audition in February may submit a virtual audition. Following a written request for remote audition consideration to the UM Dance Program Head (, students will receive a request to submit an audition via film. The dancer must send a link to a solo of her or his choreography (1.5 to 2 minutes in length) that showcases the dancer's strengths as a dancer and dance maker. Additionally, the student is requested to submit an essay that describes one's dance background and why the student wishes to be considered a candidate for a degree in dance at the University of Montana. Transfer students must also submit a current transcript from their transferring institution as well as the request to be considered a BA in Dance or a BA in Pre-Dance Therapy.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this process. Thank you!

For complete audition information, please review our Dance Major Application information sheet.