Guest Artists


The Dance Program is honored to have hosted the following guest artists:

  • Melissa Britt
  • Anya Cloud
  • Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Master Teacher)
  • Jane Comfort
  • Douglas Dunn
  • Hilary Easton
  • Kim Epifano
  • Jes Mullette
  • Florin Fieriou
  • Sarah Gamblin
  • Brian Gerke & Steinunn Keyilsdottir
  • Joe Goode
  • Larry Hines
  • Martin Keogh
  • Stephen Koester
  • Youssouf Koumbassa
  • Locust Dance Theater
  • J. Edson House Magana
  • Susan Marshall
  • Gesel Mason
  • Bebe Miller
  • Luke Miller
  • KT Niehoff
  • Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig
  • Wendy Rogers
  • Steve Teran
  • Marcus White
  • Darrin Wright

Each year, the Dance Program is enriched through guest artist residencies. Dance students are exposed to contemporary ideas, theories and techniques through each of these remarkable residencies. Additionally, through this program, students forge connections with professional national and international artists that often continue as they shift into the professional dance world.

Each guest artist residency varies according to the guest artist’s area of specialization and therefore may involve the creation of a new work to be set on students, the reconstruction of an older work or may take shape as a workshop for dancers.

Auditions for the guest artist residencies take place before the residency (sometimes the semester prior). Rehearsals for the residency may take place during the course of the semester or during summer/winter session, depending upon the guest artist’s availability. Rehearsals continue through the course of the semester with the rehearsal director (one of UM’s full-time faculty members). Guest artist residencies are announced well in advance and are accessible for all students who would like to audition.

The work of the guest artist is featured in the fall Dance Up Close Concert, spring Dance In Concert and/or spring Dance New Works.