BA - Dance


The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a major in dance is designed for students who plan to pursue a double major, or for those who seek a general overview of the field of dance. BA Dance majors are required to complete a junior and senior culminating project. This is usually a piece of choreography and another project of the student's design. All majors are offered opportunities to work with guest artists and perform in the dance productions.

BACHELOR OF ARTS with a major in DANCE (BA/DAN) 

201A-Beginning Composition
202-Rehearsal and Performance (repeat once)
300-Modern III (repeat once)
301-Intermediate Composition
304-Ballet III (or higher level; repeat three times)
307-Jazz Dance III (or appropriate level)
334-20th-Century Dance
335L-World Dance
340-Science of Dance Movement
397-Junior Creative/Research Project
400-Modern IV (repeat once)
425-Dance Pedagogy
427-Teaching Movement in Schools
320-Improvisation and 420-Contact Improvisation
428-Internship in Children’s Dance
429-Advanced Techniques of Modern Dance
494-Junior/Senior Dance Seminar
497-Senior Creative/Research Project
107A Section 02 or 05-Theatre Production I: Costume Construction Crew           
340-Intermediate Costume Construction
378 Section 02-Stage Management Practicum I: Dance