Masquer Theatre


The Masquer Theatre is a black-box theatre. The performance space can be configured for theatre in the round, thrust, runway, or proscenium productions. It seats a maximum of 250 people. There is a permanent 32' by 32' pit built into the floor of the theatre that can be covered with traditional platforming. A series of interconnected lighting/scenery catwalks are located 18' above the audience level with the lighting, sound, and stage manager booth located above one section of seating.

Lighting - This performance venue includes 114 ETC Sensor Dimmers, an ETC Ion 2048 lighting control console w/2x20 fader wing.  94 lighting circuits are located at the catwalk level and 20 lighting circuits are located at the stage level.  ETC’s Dimmer Doubling technology is often used to further the lighting control capabilities of the space.

Audio - This theatre incorporates a Yamaha LS 9-16 digital mix console, a dedicated audio workstation using Figure 53 QLab v2.3 audio engine for audio playback, and DBX DriveRack 260 Loudspeaker management control processors.  Loudspeakers are placed as needed for individual productions.  Speaker outlets are located on the grid and at the seating level of the theatre.