Open Space


The Open Space is the School's main dance classroom and performance area. This studio includes a sprung maple floor and flexible, portable seating that can accommodate up to 150 audience members.  A permanent lighting grid is suspended 16' above the dance floor. When used as a performance space it is outfitted with masking and a cyc.

Lighting - This performance venue includes 54 ETC Sensor Dimmers, an ETC Element 40/250 lighting control console.  40 circuits are located at the grid level, 13 circuits are located on the walls of the venue, and 1 lighting circuit is located in the control booth.  ETC’s Dimmer Doubling technology is often used to further the lighting control capabilities of the space.

Audio - This venue incorporates a Mackie CR1604 analogue mix console, and a dedicated audio workstation using Figure 53 QLab v2.3 audio engine for audio playback.  Speaker outlets are located on the grid and at the seating level of the venue.  Four loudspeakers are permanently flown from the grid.