Advanced Placement

First-year and transfer students are all admitted to the BA programs in Theatre or Dance. Theatre applicants may also choose a specialization in Acting, Musical Theatre, or Design and Technology. Auditions and portfolio reviews for these specializations take place at the end of the first year of coursework. 

All interested students are encouraged to submit an audition or portfolio for review by the faculty. Transfer students should indicate they are interested advanced placement in technique and studio courses. Musical Theatre students will be considered for placement in private voice lessons.

Upload your Audition or Portfolio

To have your application considered for advanced placement please submit at least one of the following using the BOX link below after you apply to UM. 

Your submission should include a letter of introduction and one or more of the following:

  • DANCE - a video of your dancing (in class or performance)
  • ACTING - a single 60-second monologue: the character must be close to your actual age and the monologue must be from a play written in the last 10 years
  • MUSICAL THEATRE - 32 bars of a song, in the musical-theatre genre of your choice, with accompaniment (a dance audition is also strongly encouraged)
  • DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY - 3-5 pictures of your theatre or related work with an explanation of what you did. Pictures could be production photos, showing something you built or designed; they could be of an art project/cosplay costume or prop/carpentry project/drafting/sculpture or anything that will show us how you work with your hands; a full design/technology portfolio or personal website is also acceptable.

You may submit files or embed links to the files in your letter of intent. If you intend to major in more than one area, please submit materials specific to each area. Musical Theatre applicants may submit their materials in a single submission. Also upload all the additional resumes/information for each pertinent area as outlined above.

Please label your files using the following following naming convention:

  • Lastname_Major_SubmissionType


  • deniro_acting_audition
  • fosse_dance_resume
  • davinci_costuming_portfolio