Keep Doing What You Love!

The School of Theatre and Dance offers several minors for you to explore that will compliment any major on campus and provide you with an enriching connection to the performing arts community here on campus. Minors regularly perform on our stages, work in our shops, and work as stage managers, interns, and teaching assistants.


Do you love to dance but are majoring in business and don't think you have the time? We have created a minor just for you. This collection of courses will enable you KEEP DANCING while studying a wide variety of disciplines and techniques. Students majoring in the sciences as well as healthcare disciplines find that studying dance creates new kinesthetic pathways to understanding the body and the natural world. Come dance with us!

Certificate in Dance Wellness

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The minor in theatre allows students in other majors to concentrate their theatre studies in particular discipline such as acting, history, design, or technology. The minor includes a common core of foundational experiences, many of which fulfill general education, that lead to electives in an area of specialization. You will work with an advisor to chart your path through the minor and acquire the skills you desire to supplement your major area of study.

Theatre Education

The Minor in Theatre Education allows students to pursue their love of theatre while working toward an endorsement to teach in primary and secondary schools. Students in this minor are typically enrolled full time in a primary licensure program (see the College of Education Department of Teaching and Learning).

Musical Theatre

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