Get Involved!


Join the GPSA Senate!

The GPSA is building a Senate with representatives from all graduate and professional programs at UM.  Senators work to improve the graduate school experience for themselves and others while gaining insight into how the university works and forging valuable connections with students and faculty across the university.  Senators serve as ambassadors between GPSA and individual graduate programs and students. Senators must attend monthly GPSA meetings. Contact if interested.
Check the list of current senators to see if your program is represented!

Join the GPSA executive team!

GPSA is led by a team of four graduate and professional students from programs across campus. Elections are held in the spring semester for the following academic year and terms are for 1-2 years. Contact for more information.


Serve on a University Committee!

There are numerous committees across campus with positions for graduate students. Nominations are via ASUM but we can help you find the right fit. Contact to find out about available positions.

There are many opportunities for graduate students to get involved on campus! Involvement in activities outside of your graduate studies can have a positive impact on your success as a graduate student and in your career in many ways:

  • Gain leadership skills.
  • Build your CV or resume. All employers, academic or otherwise, want to see that you’ve done more than spent all your time in the lab or the books.
  • Give back to the campus community.
  • Learn transferable or  “soft” skills (communication, teamwork, conflict resolution) that will help in whatever career you pursue.
  • Access unique networking opportunities.
  • Connect with graduate and professional students, faculty, and administrators across campus.
  • Influence the direction of graduate education and opportunities at the University of Montana.