Approaching Graduation

Congratulations on nearing completion of your graduate or professional degree!

In addition to your program's requirements for graduation, the Graduate School has additional guidelines and requirements you need to pay attention to in order to graduate in a timely fashion. 

Be sure to pay attention to Graduation Application Deadlines which require the submission of an application for graduation to the Graduate School by the appropriate deadline (approximately one semester prior to graduating).

If you don't meet the original graduation date on your graduation application, you can request request the application be reactivated for the following semester by notifying the Graduate School one semester prior to the revised completion date. There is a $20.00 processing fee to roll your graduation application to the next semester.  Contact the graduate school for more information.

Graduate students are also required to submit an electronic version of their dissertation, thesis, or professional paper. Instructions for submission of the dissertation, thesis, or professional paper is available on the graduate school website.