Curry Health Center

Curry Health Center provides quality, affordable, accessible health care for students at the University of Montana. They offer free or discounted medical and dental services for students who have paid the Health Service Fee (all full time students). They also offer affordable counseling as well as wellness services and have a conveniently located pharmacy. Taking care of your mind and body in graduate school is essential!

Student Health Insurance

Insurance is required for all students and a student plan is available through a Montana University System contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, providing students an affordable and comprehensive insurance plan.  Here is a video describing the health insurance plan available to UM students.

Another option is to buy health insurance through the Marketplace.  Most graduate students are considered part-time employees and are thus eligible to access the Marketplace

Student Advocacy Resource Center

The SARC provides advocacy, counseling, law & reporting assistance, and support at no cost to those who have experienced discrimination, harassment, stalking, retaliation, and sexual misconduct. It is located in room 108 at the Curry Health Center. 24-hour Support Line: 406-243-6559