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Interested in a career in medicine? Receive top-notch pre-medical career advice by experts with an exceptional history of placing UM graduates in medical school, then engage the major and experiences that make you a top candidate for your chosen field in medicine. 

Not quite sure what career in the health professions best suits you? Join the Health & Medicine community to learn more about foundational coursework, career advice and on-campus experiential opportunities that will lead you to make that important decision, then direct you to the major and experiences you’ll need to reach your goal. 

Students who join the Health & Medicine community have access to a number of benefits:

  • Personalized advising through the Undergraduate Advising Center, UM's top-notch Pre-Medical Sciences program, and UMHM faculty/staff mentors.  
  • Workshops and seminars on university life and academics, professionalism in healthcare, medical ethics, and using centralized application services
  • Admissions tests preparation courses
  • Courses on an introduction to professional health careers and how to apply to a professional school or program in a healthcare field 
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