Undergraduate Experiences

UMHM connects our students to the practical training they need to become successful healthcare practitioners.  While completing their associate or bachelor degrees, students are exposed to clinical training through their degree program, or have the opportunity to participate in research on campus and job shadow through volunteer opportunities in our clinics on campus and in the community.

Clinical Opportunities

A valuable and important way to learn about our healthcare system is to do hands-on work in a health field. Qualified students work in paid positions as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) or Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA's), both of which require formal training. But it's also possible to volunteer and job shadow at a local medical facility on campus or off.  Missoula's two local hospitals, Community Medical Center and St. Patrick Hospital have individuals that coordinate and supervise volunteers and students who are looking for job shadowing opportunities.

In order to job shadow or volunteer in a local clinic, students must

  • be up to date on vaccinations for Hepatitis B and have a clean TB test,
  • be aware of all HIPAA regulations,
  • work with the clinic's job shadowing coordinators for scheduling, and
  • have a working knowledge of medical ethics.

To learn more about clinical experiences at UMHM's hospital partner facilities, please visit the University of Montana Pre-Medical Sciences Extracurricular webpage.


Research Opportunities

Research opportunities abound at UM. Participation in an active research lab has several benefits for students pursuing a career in the health professions. Those students who do have research experience report

  • getting a good (better) letter of evaluation
  • getting experience discerning anecdotal data from significant data (a valuable skill for any career)
  • most admissions officers are scientists as well
  • any connection during interviews is a good thing – common ground, conversation starters
  • the practice of medicine has elements of the scientific method embedded in it

For further information, please visit Undergraduate Research & Creative Scholarship.  

Community Involvement Opportunities

Volunteering and paid work in a health related field are key components of preparation for health professions school. UMHM's students demonstrate their devotion to helping others and demonstrate their leadership skills at the onset of their undergraduate studies. By volunteering in the community our students show, not just tell, that they are committed to caring for and aiding those in need.

Please visit Serve Montana for more information on volunteering and volunteer opportunities. 

Serve Montana Governor's Office of Community Service