Engaging Teaching Practices Course

Students writing

To celebrate NDLW, today, we would like to remind you of the Engaging Teaching Practices Course.

We are piloting a new online resource on engaging teaching practices this fall, which offers an introduction to research on how students learn, clear guidelines for making your courses accessible to all students, and practical strategies for engaging students throughout the semester.

Assistant Professor, Allison Wilson, from the Department of Teaching and Learning, shares her thoughts on the course in the following statement:

"Engaging Teaching Practices is absolutely a gem. The course contains endless resources to improve faculty teaching in a face-to-face and an online course environment. There is truly something for everyone. Even the most experienced and veteran course instructors will find remarkable opportunities to build on current practice and increase opportunities for meaningful student engagement.

I found the various examples of rubrics and assessment opportunities to be particularly valuable. Specifically, the sample discussion board rubric and the resource, 50 Techniques for Assessing Course-Related Knowledge and Skills. With so many turn-key documents and valuable resources I found myself bookmarking, downloading, and saving materials constantly!

While to some, the initial amount of information and resources may appear overwhelming, everything in the course is so well-organized and a one-stop-shop for professional development. I know I’ll continue to go back and visit various aspects of this course throughout my future teaching. I’m grateful and impressed that the University of Montana has placed such a considerable emphasis on teaching excellence, something so critical for student success."

-Allison Wilson, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education

You can self-enroll in Engaging Teaching Practices and have the option to earn a Certificate of Completion for the course.


To celebrate NDLW, today, we would like to remind students, advisors and faculty about EdReady.

The EdReady Montana program is a personalized, free, no-credit, online program that helps students master the mathematics skills they need to succeed: to help students raise their math placement score, to prepare for an upcoming math course, to fill in any gaps in general math skills, or to supplement a particular math course. Since the program is online, you can work on the material at your own pace whenever it best fits into your schedule. You will also receive support throughout the learning process that includes progress checks, help with the math content if needed and technical support.

For students who intend to major in a non-STEM track (those who will need to take M105 or M115 to satisfy their major requirements), completion of the EdReady module designed specifically for that class will serve as a substitute for the placement test. While this may take more time than a test, results have shown that students are able to avoid taking developmental math classes and are more prepared for their (M105 or M115) math class because they get to brush up on the skills needed for success in that course prior to the first day of class!

Curious about how EdReady works? Check out this three-minute video: "How The EdReady Montana Program Works."

EdReady Montana is a Project of Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), housed at the University of Montana. MTDA is the state-wide online supplemental education program for the state of Montana. Started by the Montana Legislature in 2009, the program has grown to serve over 500 schools state-wide with their essential and extended programming including the EdReady Montana Program which is privately funded by the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation since inception in 2014.

To learn more about EdReady Montana and sign up, contact UM's EdReady Coordinator Lauren Fern at fernl@mso.umt.edu.