UM Online to Hire Nancy Clouse as Instructional Design Manager

Todd Building on a Sunny Day.

We are very pleased to announce Nancy Clouse, previous Senior Instructional Designer and Interim Instructional Design (ID) Manager, has been hired as UMOnline’s Instructional Design Manager for the ever-growing instructional design team.

Nancy is best described as a lifelong learner, committed to excellence in online teaching and educational opportunities, and is dedicated to supporting the professional growth of others. Since 2010, she has worked with UMOnline, and served as an adjunct instructor for Curriculum and Instruction beginning in 1999 at the University of Montana. Prior, she was a high school business education instructor from 1987-1998. Nancy is considered highly qualified amongst applicants that submitted their qualifications for the position, with more than 10 years of direct support for online education at the University of Montana and over 20 years of experience in both secondary and university level settings. She is on a mission to maximize her team’s talent to support continued growth in online education.

As a UM Griz Alum, Nancy holds a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership, with an emphasis in Instructional Technology and Leadership, and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis in Instructional Design for Technology. Nancy is also equipped with highly regarded expertise such as management and leadership, program supervision and development, high-level communication and research skills. These credentials coupled with her extensive experiences in the educational industry provided the perfect match for the opportunity at hand. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the University of Montana to online learning and remote education in the spring semester, Nancy did not hesitate to lead her team quickly and effectively. The UMOnline ID team has been an integral part of supporting campus-wide remote learning and students, faculty and staff during shut down measures. Her quick thinking and leadership skills were a magnificent asset in a time of need during the remainder of spring semester and anxious preparation for the fall semester. She continuously leads her newly expanded team in providing extensive support to faculty developing online learning experiences. During the summer months of this year, Nancy was able to coordinate six course development cohorts within four months during the pandemic. The cohorts featured curated resources and provided live remote sessions, followed by individual consultations. If it weren’t for her steady diligence in exploring alternative online technologies and keeping up with current research practices such as pedagogy, open educational resources and new technologies - it may have been very difficult to achieve. 

With this new role, Nancy has many goals to pursue and expresses that one of her top priorities is to find out from the UM campus community what support and services are needed and how to best provide them. She is eager and determined to foster an environment of top-level professional service and support within her team. 

She shares, “It is my sincere hope to continue to bring my unique experiences and perspectives to the UMOnline team and our campus partners. I have a deep commitment to executing UM's vision of excellence and consider it a privilege to serve with this team and institution.”

Thank you, to our search committee led by Eric Voerkoeper, John Freer and Jo Costello. Thank you, Nancy, for your long-standing dedication to the University of Montana, leadership and pursuit to provide quality online education to students near and far.

If you would like to reach out to Nancy for congratulations or assistance with instructional design, you can reach her at or 406-243-5815.



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