How it Works

While sponsored courses offer UM credit, they are quite different from state-supported courses.

  • There is no price differential for residents and non-residents.
  • Credit enrollment is not via Cyberbear, but a form distributed by the sponsoring agency. 
  • Formal admission to UM is not required.
  • Student financial aid does not automatically apply, but may be possible with additional paperwork.
  • Credits do not automatically apply toward a degree program, so students should ask their academic advisor before enrolling.

Extended Credit FAQ's

Courses begin all throughout the year. The actual length of courses varies according to subject matter, and courses can last from just two or three days to the full semester. All course dates are given in the Academic Credit Course Listing.

Courses meet in a variety of locations.  While some courses meet on the UM campus in Missoula, most meet in diverse locations throughout Montana, as well as around the world. Some are online so that you can login and complete lessons on your own schedule, from your own location.

For academic credit courses, grades are available within a few weeks after the final and may be accessed on CyberBear by viewing an unofficial transcript. UM does not notify students after course grades have been posted.  Grades and credits earned become part of your permanent UM transcript.

Students may order official transcripts from the UM Registrar's Office or through the National Student Clearinghouse. Transcripts can be ordered via standard mail, ordered online through the Clearinghouse, or submitted in person. Email, phone or fax requests cannot be accepted.

Standard tuition and fees are not charged on these courses. Instead, students register with and pay a course fee directly to the sponsoring agency. The course fee varies widely depending on the type of course. Students then complete a Credit Registration Form and pay a credit recording fee ($155/course) to UM. 

UM accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and personal checks. Students who are using UM financial aid may need to complete additional financial aid paperwork, which varies depending on the course you are taking.

Students using AmeriCorps Education Awards should log on to and request an educational expense payment be sent to the University of Montana (UM) for the amount equal to course fees and educational materials. Contact Holly Kulish at or 406-243-4168 for more information.

Academic credit courses through Extended Credit have been approved for regular university credit, so it is possible to gain credits for recertification. For specific questions related to teacher certification, please contact the College of Education & Human Sciences at 406-243-2032.

Extended Courses are open to everyone. No formal admission to the University of Montana is required, and nonresidents pay the same fees as residents. UM students are welcome to attend courses, although the fees for the course do not apply to the tuition "flat spot" or the minimum credits for student services such as health insurance or the campus recreation center.

Registration is completed through the outside organization, not Cyberbear, unless otherwise noted.

View our Academic Credit Course Listing.