Keep on Teaching

We know you may have a lot of questions about your Fall semester classes due to the current status of COVID-19 around the country. UM has a great resource for you to stay informed of this situation, please visit the UM Coronavirus Information website

We recommend both faculty and staff review Keep on Working for remote work and teaching guidelines.

Prepare for Fall 2020

In what modality will you be teaching this Fall semester?



Students and faculty work together in a scheduled instructional space.


Students and faculty work together synchronously through web-based communication technology.

Hybrid or Blended

In-person and some virtual or online elements are combined. Can include Hyflex courses (an instructional modality that allows students to participate synchronously online or face-to-face).


Learning and dialogue does not require any in-person meeting and are most often offered asynchronously to allow students to access learning at their convenience. Online courses are usually developed with support from UMOnline. Students enrolled in online classes will pay an online course fee of $48 per credit, even if faculty switch to this modality from some other before the fall 2020 semester.

July 28, 2020 - Safety Messaging for in-person instruction and syllabi language

In an effort to communicate expectations and important safety messages to students returning to the classroom, the following important information should be communicated to in-person students on the first day of fall class. This information can also be included in course syllabi:

  • Mask use is required within the classroom
  • Each student is provided with a cleaning kit. The expectation is that students will clean their personal workspace when they arrive for class, and before they leave the classroom.
  • Classrooms may have one-way entrances/exits to minimize crowding.
  • Students should be discouraged from congregating outside the classroom before and after class.
  • Specific seating arrangements will be used to ensure social distancing and support contact tracing efforts.
  • Class attendance will be recorded to support contact tracing efforts.
  • Drinking liquids and eating food is discouraged within the classroom (which requires mask removal).
  • Information on the nearest “refill” stations for cleaning supplies/hand sanitizer if applicable.
  • If the class is being recorded, students must be notified of the recording.
  • Stay home if you feel sick and/or if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If the student is sick or displaying symptoms, please contact the Curry Health Center at (406) 243-4330.

Please review Up-to-Date COVID-19 Information from the University of Montana

Please encourage students to remain vigilant outside the classroom in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

NOTE: The following resources assist faculty in being adaptable in the way they provide instruction. Keep in mind that instructional changes may impact students with health impairments, non-traditional students, students with disabilities, and others differently. We encourage you to use campus resources and accommodate requests so students can successfully continue their education.