Keep on Teaching

As we prepare for the new academic year, our campus operations look quite different than one year ago, when the Delta variant of COVID-19 threatened our best planning and we were, once again, donning masks and managing isolation and quarantine spaces for our students living in residence halls.

While COVID-19 still exists within our community, and new variants of concern are identified, we also have the tools to mitigate its effects. We now manage COVID-19 on a regular basis, much like other common viruses and illnesses. At the same time, we continue to monitor how COVID-19 is impacting our campus and the Missoula community. Should we need to share timely updates regarding COVID-19, we’ll do so as we have in the past – with campus-wide emails and updates on UM’s Curry Health Center website.

Campus Guidelines for Fall 2022 Semester (UPDATED AUGUST 18, 2022)

Here’s the current campus guidance for the fall semester as it relates to COVID-19:

  • The university encourages COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, which are offered for both students and employees at the Health Services Pharmacy inside Curry Health Center.
  • Masks are only required inside Curry Health Center and in some medical/research laboratories on campus. This requirement will be clearly posted. Required or not, we respect those choosing to wear a mask to reduce the spread of respiratory viruses.
  • COVID testing for students is available at Curry Health Center. For employees, contact your primary care provider or visit a walk-in clinic. Free at-home tests can be ordered online or there may be tests available through the Health Services Pharmacy, call 243-5171.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, do not attend work events at UM for at least five days or as long as you are sick. Per CDC guidance, please mask for 5 days post-isolation. Follow the University's normal sick leave policies. 

Guidance for faculty responding to student illness

  • Students who test positive need to isolate and not attend in-person classes for at least five days. (Please see link for CDC guidelines referring to isolation). After five days students can leave isolation if they are symptom-free but we ask that they follow CDC guidance for masks for 5 days post-isolation.  
  • As with any other illness, please work to accommodate student absences. Consider ways to make course content available in the event of multiple student absences.
  • Refer to this page for additional resources and guidance on supporting students who miss classes due to illness.


If a student requires a COVID-related accommodation in order to safely attend, they should be referred to the Office of Disability Equity (ODE) (formerly Disability Services for Students). ODE will work with the student and their advisor on a case-by-case basis.


All telecommuting agreements (including those not related to or resulting from COVID-19) must be updated using a new form available on the HRS website that requires annual evaluation and renewal. Employees must work with their supervisor to complete a new form if their work location will continue to include a remote location. Requests or questions regarding reasonable accommodations should be directed to Human Resource Services.