Zoom cloud has been experiencing delays in recording processing of up to 24 hours due to the influx of use pertaining to COVID-19. UMOnline still strongly recommends that everyone use the cloud recording so that your recordings get transcribed for accessibility purposes. Please only record what is necessary. Please do not set up automatic recording in your settings. 

REMINDER: Please be sure to update your Zoom desktop clients. Old versions that have not been updated could pose a security risk.

What is Zoom?


Zoom is a web-conferencing system that meets a variety of synchronous collaboration needs such as meetings, webinars and hybrid learning spaces. View the UM Zoom Solutions Center Page for more information.

Standalone Access

Zoom is now available through NetID single sign-on! Which is the same process you would use to sign into both Moodle and Cyberbear. If this is your first time, follow these 5 steps: 

  1. Review the System Requirements for your PC, Mac or Linux based device to ensure your device can accommodate the software properly. 
  2. Visit umontana.zoom.us and select the "Login" button, located in the upper right corner of your screen. 
  3. Enter your NetID and password to log in. If this is your first time logging into your NetID, please review our NetID & Password Help Guide.
  4. You will now be routed to your Zoom profile.
  5. You are now ready to set up and host meetings with Zoom!
  6. You will be prompted to download the Zoom Client once you have initiated your first meeting. Select the "Download Client" button at the bottom of your profile page.

Zoom Features

  • Polling.
  • Virtual hand-raising.
  • Join by telephone dial-in.
  • Fullscreen and gallery view.
  • Record sessions and meetings.
  • Screen sharing and annotations.
  • Chat Window and Break-out rooms.
  • Feature-rich mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • HD Video and Voice with dynamic voice detection.
  • Accessibility features enable users with disabilities to schedule, attend and participate in Zoom meetings.

Zoom and Accessibility

Zoom does provide auto-captioning if you save your recording to the cloud. In order to enable auto-captioning for your Zoom meetings and lectures save the recording to the cloud. You may also choose to save your recording on your desktop.

Once you have saved your lecture to the cloud, a transcript will be created and captioning will be applied. You should receive an email message from Zoom within a few hours informing you that your recording is now available for download, viewing, editing, and saving. We strongly recommend that you review the recording and transcript for accuracy, as sometimes audio quality hinders this. If you need to make changes to your auto-populated transcript, please do so. The captions will automatically be updated to match. 

PLEASE NOTE: Initially saving a lecture or meeting to the desktop will not develop a transcript, nor will captioning be automatically applied. For more information, please visit the Automatically Transcribe Cloud Recordings webpage.

You may also refer to UM Solutions articles on using Zoom, or the Zoom and Accessibility Article put together by ATS, for further clarification.

Here is a Getting Started and Basic Functions Zoom Tutorial, created by Jeff Meese, UM College of Business.

Training and Support

If you need additional Zoom support: 

  1. Look through Zoom's Extensive Support Site, for detailed guides and information.
  2. Visit the UM Zoom Solutions Center Page to review the latest updates and information.
  3. Call the IT Help Desk at (406) 243-4357 or email ithelpdesk@umontana.edu.
  4. Contact Alex Karklins at (406) 243-5366. 
  5. Contact Nancy Clouse at (406) 243-5815, to request a training session or IT Short Course. 

Additional Zoom support and user guides: Weekly Live Zoom Training Webinars.