Keep on Working

You might have many questions due to the current status of COVID-19 around the country. UM has great resources to keep you informed. For more information, please visit UM's Coronavirus Information website

If you are a UM faculty member, please visit our Keep on Teaching web page for more information about providing education to our students.

Screening for Employees Who Have Traveled

IMPORTANT: If you have been traveling or if you / others with whom you have had close contact have experienced health issues, please review the Returning to Campus Questionnaire.


Campus is the work site for all employees. However, if there are reasons which management and employees can agree upon then there is a Telecommuting procedure available on the HRS website.

Faculty and staff should complete the Telecommuting Agreement. Please be sure to review the Telecommuting FAQ. Once the form has been completed, please email with the form attached.

Keep on Working FAQ

The most up-to-date literature on the topic of COVID-19 indicates thoughtful businesses should review and limit instances where large groups of people will be gathered. It is said this will help prevent the unmitigated spread of COVID-19. For that reason, the University of Montana has moved to remote learning. Campus is not closing. We will still be open to serve students in every other capacity — to house them in residence halls, to feed them in dining facilities, to provide them with financial aid and we will meet with them individually as we have always done. Moving to remote learning limits the number of times each day that large groups gather in a single location. This is not a statement that campus is not safe; it is a statement that the University, in conjunction with state and local officials, is working hard to do the right thing in the face of an ever-changing and rapidly evolving virus.

  • Any employee in a sick leave eligible position who has completed the 90-day eligibility period for sick leave use.
  • These employees must follow specific directions established by their department to provide notification when they will be absent from work due to illness.
  • Annual leave is also available to those in positions eligible for annual leave after having completed a 6-month eligibility period for annual leave use.
  • Neither leave type can be used before it is earned - meaning balances cannot go negative.
  • Both sick and annual leave are employee benefits governed by the Montana Code and cannot be modified by campus personnel.
  • Sick leave is allocated to employees to be used for their own illness or that of a dependent.

There are two variations on donated sick leave, sick leave pool and direct grant, this answer will relate to both:

  • An employee can choose to be a member of the sick leave pool by making an 8-hour contribution of sick leave to the pool, completing the application to join and a 90-day wait period to use the fund.
  • Benefit of the pool, employees can access the pool to provide up to 240 hours of leave for an extended illness.
  • An employee may also choose to make a direct grant of sick leave of up to 40 hours to a colleague who needs sick leave hours.
  • An employee receiving benefits of either leave type must have experienced (1) a 10-consecutive day absence from work due to illness and (2) exhausted all of their own leave balances before accessing the sick leave pool.
  • An employee will not be required to take leave without pay as a condition of accessing either the leave pool or a direct grant of sick leave; however, the two conditions mentioned above must be met.

Walk around and talk with them, make sure they know they can come to you with questions or concerns. Direct them to information coming from the President, from the Provost and from other sources on campus. If you find there are gaps in understanding please notify Terri Phillips so these matters can be addressed.

Can my student employee telework? Are student employees allowed to be assigned tasks that are normally outside of their job description?

Work-Study students may work remotely. If your Work-Study student employees can complete their duties remotely, please update their job description in your records to reflect work that can be accomplished off-site (the financial aid office does not need a new hire form with these changes reflected).

Will work-study students still have the opportunity to work?

If your department or organization is able to provide the same or similar job duties for the student Work-Study employee – either on-site (if the student has decided to stay on campus/in town) or remotely, the student employee can continue to work and earn Work-Study wages through the end of the semester.