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Having Trouble Deciding what career or program to pursue?

Whether you have your dream job already in mind or are still on the hunt for your calling, we understand choosing an academic program to pursue can be a tedious process, especially when there are so many options! Likewise, finding your true passion in a career you love can be difficult, let alone which program will get you the skills you need to excel in the field you want to work.

The University of Montana walks with you on your path to becoming "tomorrow proof," we provide hundreds of program options to pursue with a variety of different options to choose from whether you prefer online or want to experience your coursework in person, there is something for you here at the University of Montana. 

We encourage you to use our Career and Program Finder tool below to explore real-life career opportunities. This short quiz will help you identify your personal motivations, interests and skills to find the best-fit program for any career you are hoping to pursue.