UMOnline Accessibility Workshops

New Accessibility Features in Moodle and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Discover the new accessibility features that are now available in Moodle and in the web conferencing system, Collaborate Ultra! We’ll demonstrate how to take advantage of the built-in accessibility features in the two new Moodle themes, Clean and Snap, and present the text editor, Atto, which provides accessible grid layout options for images and text, improved math accessibility, and other benefits. Lastly, we’ll demonstrate the use of Collaborate Ultra, the web conferencing system re-built in HTML5 that now provides a better user experience for everyone, including assistive technology users. Handouts will be provided and questions are welcome!

Accessible Course Design in Moodle

Learn the basics of accessible course design and explore the tools that support the creation of accessible course content in Moodle. Four key principles for creating accessible content in Moodle, Microsoft Word, and PDF will be discussed. Handouts outlining these principles for both Windows and Mac will be provided. Questions welcome!

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Learn how to design accessible PowerPoint presentations by following the four basic accessibility principles. We’ll show the tools that are built into PowerPoint to support accessible design and demonstrate free accessibility checkers that can be used to identify accessibility issues in new or older Powerpoint presentations. Handouts will be provided for Mac and Windows users.

Creating an Accessible Syllabus

Whether you deliver your online syllabus as a Word document, a PDF, or a Moodle page, this course will show you how to make this important document fully accessible to all students. Learn several basics steps that promote the ability of the reader to quickly find information and understand information conveyed in images and tables. These basic steps can be applied to the creation of other online course materials. An accessible syllabus template for MS Word will be provided.

Social Media and Accessible Student Collaboration

This workshop covers the primary platforms of social media and how to use them accessibly in various environments, including widgets, hashtags, and blogs on mobile and web devices. Tips for dynamically integrating social media into online and blended course content to support student collaboration will be provided.

Online Forums - Accessible and Interactive

Online forums provide an avenue for interactivity and deeper content exploration. This workshop introduces the forum types in Moodle (Single Simple Discussion, Each person posts one discussion, Q and A Forum, and Standard Forum) and presents ideas for using each of them. Steps for creating small group discussions are provided, along with a sample Discussion Grading Rubric. The new accessibility features in the Advanced forum will be highlighted and accessible discussion moderation will also be covered.

Creating your First Accessible Supplement

Congratulations! By creating an online supplement, you are already moving into a more accessible course design. This workshop presents the foundations for a successful accessible course supplement including how to add heading structures, alt tags and the creation of accessible course materials. It will cover how to create an accessible course design, creating accessible web links and how to successfully deliver accessible course content.