Offer a New Online Course

Online and Blended Courses

Courses that have not previously been taught fully-online or in a blended format (30-80% face-to-face with the rest being delivered asynchronously online) are developed in association with the instructional design and development team at UMOnline. New online and blended courses must be approved by department chairs and deans as part of the call for courses that is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. To start the development of a new online or blended course, please contact Nancy Clouse(or 406-243-5815) at least one semester prior to intended course delivery. It is the responsibility of the department chair or instructor to contact UMOnline in a timely manner for support in developing the online or blended course. Late requests will not be given special priority and may find limited resources and support available.

Consent to develop a new course indicates acceptance of the following:

Pursuant to Section 14.100.2 and 14.100.3 of the University of Montana Faculty Association collective bargaining agreement, as well as the Montana Board of Regents Policies 303.7 and 401.3, depending upon which apply to this Agreement, the course developer and the University of Montana acknowledge and agree with respect to:

a. Royalties: All work produced in connection with the course and all royalties derived from the produced work are the property of The University of Montana (UM); except that UM agrees to provide the course developer with one-half of all net royalty revenues derived from the course materials subject to this Agreement. The Term “net royalty revenues” shall include only those revenues derived from sources other than UM students or other UM users after UM’s cost for generating such revenues has been fully recovered by UM. Nothing herein shall preclude the course developer from using, on a royalty-free basis without prior UM permission, materials prepared for the course by the course developer in the course developer’s own future academic publications to the full extent such use is permitted by applicable federal copyright laws.

b. Copyright, intellectual property rights, control of course content:

The course developer shall retain intellectual property rights to the content and shall be the sole judge as to whether course materials over which the course developer has such control and rights shall be offered electronically. In no case should it be understood or construed that individual faculty members have intellectual property rights to individual courses or to the curriculum as a whole, but only to the content prepared by the faculty member. Excluded from this provision are those intellectual property rights owned by any person or entity other than the course developer; and except for those intellectual property rights owned by the course developer which pertain to materials prepared prior to execution of this Agreement for uses other than the course subject to this Agreement.