A Legacy of Activist Philanthropy

Len and Sandy Sargent: A Legacy of Activist Philanthropy

By Robin Tawney Nichols with Scott McMillion

This book is the story of Len and Sandy Sargent, an energetic and generous couple who left an indelible mark on Montana and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. It tells of the establishment of the Cinnabar Foundation to provide financial support, in perpetuity, for conservation advocacy, education, and research in Montana and throughout the area surrounding Yellowstone National Park. In the first Cinnabar Foundation report Len Sargent wrote: “While each of us is mortal, the horizon of Cinnabar is perpetuity. Sandy and I take great joy in the thought that a century from now some young crusader, with the help from this foundation, will stand defiantly in defense of this land...and the grizzly and wolf will salute him from the north rim (of Yellowstone Park).” 

90 pages, 8 1/2” x 6”

ISBN: 9780981576039

book cover with photo of ranch home and barn within pine covered mountains