The University of Montana Press is pleased to consider book proposals and complete manuscripts that fit our general focus on publications that deal with important topics related to Montana, the Pacific and Rocky Mountain West, or reflect significant areas of program and faculty strength at UM. We are interested in considering both books that represent high quality scholarship as well as projects in the realm of the creative arts. Additionally, under the “Mount Sentinel Books of the UM Press imprint,” special books and other materials of high quality that may not be scholarly or creative in the traditional sense, but are publications of interest to the University and the greater Montana and regional community of readers, may be published as well. If you have questions about whether your proposed book or manuscript would fit our mission, please contact Ashby Kinch, editor, at You may also want to consult our mission statement on this website.

So that we may evaluate your book project in terms of our publication program, please send us a written proposal or prospectus as an e-mail attachment. We will then respond to you and indicate whether we would like to see a manuscript. We do not have a specific form for your proposal or prospectus, but make sure you do include the following information with it:

  1. Title of the manuscript or project
  2. Personal, professional, and contact information of author(s) and/or editor(s)
  3. A brief description of the manuscript’s content, (anticipated) length, and its proposed format (text only; text with images; text and…)
  4. A brief description of the purpose and importance of the publication project
  5. An indication of whether the manuscript is completed or the approximate timeline for finishing it. If the manuscript is complete or near completion, please also include a table of contents
  6. A brief statement about the intended audience for the publication
  7. An indication of whether any funding is available to help support the publication

Please send your proposal/prospectus with the information above to Ashby Kinch, editor, at: and he or one of the other editors will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Evaluation and Decision Process

If the editors and the Editorial Board determine that the proposed publication appears to fit our mission and has the potential to be one that the Press would like to pursue, we will have it evaluated by at least two qualified reviewers with expertise in the focus area or areas of the manuscript. These reviewers will be asked to assess the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, to what extent it would contribute to the scholarship in the area(s) covered by the manuscript , whether the manuscript would require significant revision prior to publication, and the extent to which sufficient sales could be anticipated to warrant the cost of publication and distribution. In the case of works in the area of “creative scholarship or arts,” the appropriate evaluators will be asked to comment on the quality of the proposed publication in the context of its particular genre (novel, poetry, visual arts, etc.). The Press will make every effort to complete the evaluation process and respond to the submitters within three months.