We Pause for Station Identification

Montana's Broadcasting Pioneers

By Bill Knowles

Broadcasting an ice jam bombing that saved a city, an FCC inspector shows up at midnight when a station is on the air but not supposed to be, a miners’ union attacks a broadcaster and the broadcaster wins! Professor Emeritus Bill Knowles has culled into 600 pages his 200 hours of interviews over the past 25 years with people who lived Montana broadcasting’s most exciting adventures. Readers will marvel at Knowles’s ability, through the stories he tells, the images he includes, to create a colorful portrayal of broadcasting in Montana through its earliest decades that shows both the unique challenges it met in this rural and small-town state, as well as how its history fits into and reflects that of the U.S. and beyond. It’s a book that will charm and inform readers who didn’t even know they were interested in this particular niche of Montana and media history.

book cover with old radio microphones