Pearl of Central Asia

By Mehrdad Kia, Ardi Kia, Rick & Susie Graetz

A team of University of Montana faculty collaborated to welcome readers into this tiny country nestled between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China: “Tajikistan ... a place unto its own! Here is a vertical world of colossal proportions gathering some of the loftiest peaks on earth as well as a spellbinding history and culture extending back into the mists of the ages ... almost 4,000 years. Ancient trails, etched through river valleys and over plains, cross its highest reaches and signs of long ago civilizations are everywhere.” Through pictures and accompanying text, this book provides readers with a brief geographical and historical introduction as well as a visual journey to an important country, which remains unknown to the majority of people in Europe and the United States.

Color illustrations

64 pages

ISBN: 978975400975

book cover with golden archway and statue of Statue of Isma'il ibn Ahmad