Education Experts

Rhea Ashmore

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Area of Expertise:

Literacy Education; Teaching English Language Learners in International Settings

Martin Blair

Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities

Department of Teaching and Learning (College of Education)

Area of Expertise:

Special Education; Early Childhood Education/ Early Intervention; Disability Policy and Regulation; Professional Development; Disability Related Issues

Kim Brown Campbell

Student Affairs

Area of Expertise:

Healthy Relationships; Intimate Partner/Interpersonal Violence Prevention; Art Therapy; Experience Working with Traumatized Individuals and People with Mood/Anxiety Disorders

Kristin Dahl Horejsi

Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Learning and Belonging, Preschool

Area of Expertise:

Early Childhood Education from Birth to Age 8; Instruction of Field Experience Students Studying Early Childhood/Elementary Education

David Erickson

Department of Teaching and Learning

Area of Expertise:

Mathematics Education; Secondary Education

John Frederikson

Institute of Educational Research and Service, PJW College of Education & Human Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Educational Leadership (total quality management applied to large schools and other organizations); School-Based Data Management and Decision Making; Veterans' Affairs (PTSD)

Steven Gaskill

Department of Health & Human Performance

Area of Expertise:

Coaching; Long Duration Work Performance/Physiology; Physical Activity and Cognition/Learning; Physical Activity Related to Health, Aging and Disease


Peter Knox

PJW College of Education & Human Sciences

Area of Expertise:

Public Relations; Media Communications; Website Management/Design; Fundraising; Volunteer Management

Brooke Marshall

Montana Safe Schools Center 

Area of Expertise:

Bullying Prevention; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED); Emergency Operations Planning and Training; Intimate Partner Violence; Juvenile Justice; School Safety; Victim Advocate Training

Gregory Munro

School of Law

Area of Expertise:

Civil Justice System; Lawsuits; Insurance Law; Climate and Insurance; Torts; Legal Education; The Legal Profession

Liz Roosa Millar

University Center

Area of Expertise:

Higher Education; Student Affairs; Racial and Social Justice Ally Development; Diversity; Assessment; Sustianability; Leadership

Robert Squires

Instructional Design and Technical Support 

Area of Expertise:

Educational Technology; Instructional Design; Online Education

Paulo Zagalo-Melo

Department of Educational Leadership

Area of Expertise:

Global Education; Higher Education Administration; International Education; Internationalization; Leadership