Native American Studies Experts

David Beck

Native American Studies

Area of Expertise:

Urban Indians from 1900 to Present; Federal Indian Policy from 18th Century to Present; Tribal Governance from 18th Century to Present

S. Neyooxet Greymorning

Department of Anthropology; Department of Native American Studies 

Area of Expertise:

Contemporary Native American Issues; Indigenous People's Sovereignty and Language Retention Issues

Rosalyn La Pier

Environmental Studies Program

Area of Expertise:

Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), Native American Ethnobotany, Environmental Justice, Social Movements and Activism.

Douglas MacDonald

Department of Anthropology 

Area of Expertise:

Cultural Resource Management Laws; Montana Archaeology; Montana Native American History; Montana Prehistory; National Historic Preservation Act; Native American Grave Protection and Repatiration Act

David L. Moore

Department of English

Area of Expertise:

American Studies; Native American Literature; American Multicultural Theory; American Renaissance; Baha'i Studies Critical Theory; Ecocriticism; Environment and Literature; Literary Theory; Peace Studies

Kathryn Shanley

Native American Studies Department 

Area of Expertise:

Gender Studies in Indigenous Studies; Global Indigenous Diaspora Literatures; Indigenous Peoples' Rights; Land-based Cultures and Oral Tradition; Native American Literature, Religion and Philosophy