University of Montana Style Guide

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back roads Exception: "Backroads of Montana" TV show produced by UM's Broadcast Media Center.

backward Not "backwards."

bad, badly A person feels "bad," not "badly." "Feeling badly" means having an impaired sense of touch. See good, well entry.

barbecue Not "barbeque" or "Bar-B-Q."

bells UM is home to the carillon bells in Main Hall's clock tower, the victory bell that rings during football games in Washington-Grizzly Stadium, and the USS Montana bell in the Adams Center lobby.

between, among See among, between entry.

bi- See prefixes entry, but in general, no hyphen: bilateral, bilingual, bipolar, biweekly.

biannual, biennial "Biannual" means twice yearly and is synonymous with "semiannual." "Biennial" means every two years.

billions See millions, billions entry.

bimonthly, semimonthly "Bimonthly" means every other month; "semimonthly" means twice a month.

biweekly, semiweekly "Biweekly" means every other week; "semiweekly" means twice a week.

black Acceptable for a person of the black race. African-American is acceptable for an American person of African descent. 

Blewett School of Law On first reference: The University of Montana Alexander Blewett III School of Law. On second or subsequent references: The Blewett School of Law, the School of Law, the law school. 

board Capitalize this word only when it's an integral part of a proper noun: Board of Missoula, Board Certified Rehabilitation Consultants of Montana.

board of directors, board of trustees Always lowercase.

Board of Regents of Higher Education Use the full name or "the state Board of Regents" on first reference. On second reference, use "the Board of Regents," "the regents" or "the board." Capitalize "regent" or "regents" only at the start of a sentence or when followed by one or more names: The regents will meet Oct. 3. He said Regents Conroy and Kaze will discuss the issue.

bookstore, the Capitize the before bookstore in The Bookstore at the University of MontanaUniversity bookstore or bookstore on second reference.

Bonnie HeavyRunner Gathering Place is located in The Payne Family Native American Center at UM.

boy Term applies until 18th birthday. Then use "young man" or "man." See youth entry.

building names Capitalize formal names. See Appendix C for list.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research Spell out on first reference. Use " the bureau" or "BBER" on second reference.

by- See prefixes entry, but in general, no hyphen: byline, bypass, byproduct.