University of Montana Style Guide

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radio station The call letters alone often are enough, but for clarity you can use an expression like "radio station KBGA."

re- See prefixes entry. The following exceptions to Webster's are consistent with the general rule that you use a hyphen if the prefix ends in a vowel and the following word begins with the same vowel: re-enact, re-enlist, re-examine, re-establish.

receive See earn, receive entry.

refer See allude, refer entry.

regents See Board of Regents of Higher Education entry.

Regents Professor Capitalize in all cases. Regents Professor Paul Lauren delivered the keynote address. Jaki Mohr was the first female Regents Professor in Montana. See academic and other titles entry.

regions See directions and regions entry.

renaissance Capitalize when referring to the period: She's a great admirer of Renaissance art.

reservation Lowercase for generic meaning but uppercase for the name of a specific American Indian reservation: He left the reservation years ago. John grew up on the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation. See Appendix D for names of Montana's seven Indian reservations.

résumé, resume The first refers to a summary of a job applicant's previous work experience. The second means to begin again or take back.

Rev. When you use this abbreviation before a name, precede it with "the": the Rev. John Bachmann.

River Bowl Field between the Clark Fork River and the Adams Center parking lot.

Rocky Mountains, the Rockies, the northern Rockies, the Rocky Mountain West

room names Capitalize the formal names of rooms: Dell Brown Room, Presidents Room.

room numbers Capitalize: Room 205 of the Social Science Building, Liberal Arts Building Room 122. A shortened version like "Rankin 310" is fine for intracampus documents and abbreviated materials, such as calendars.

ROTC Acceptable as first reference for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Rural Institute Acceptable on first reference. The Rural Institute seeks to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, especially those individuals living in Montana and other rural areas.