University of Montana Style Guide

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UDASH A free shuttle service to Lewis and Clark Village, Missoula College and the off-campus park-and-ride lot at Dornblaser Field on South Avenue. Operated by the Office of Transportation.

UM On second reference use "UM" or "the University." Use "UM" in headlines. UM-Missoula is no longer required. Don't use "U of M," "UM-M," " U.M." or an abbreviation like "the Univ. of MT. " As an adjective, "the UM" is fine: He talked to the UM students. As a noun, it's wrong: He attended the UM. See the University of Montana entry.

UM Dining Do not use. Use Campus Dining. Name changed in December 2019.

UM Advocates Use "Advocates" on second reference.

un- See prefixes entry, but in general, no hyphen: unnecessary, unarmed, un-American.

underway The semester is already underway. 

uninterested See disinterested, uninterested entry.

United States "U.S. " is acceptable as a noun. In headlines, do not use periods.

USDA Forest Service "The Forest Service" is acceptable on first reference. If you use "USDA Forest Service" note that there are no periods in USDA.

university Lowercase when speaking of no university in particular: High school students wonder whether they'll like university life. Capitalize when referring to UM: I've attended the University since 2014. See the University of Montana and UM entries.

University Center Spell out on first reference. Use "UC" on second reference.

University Center Atrium The central, open area in the UC.

University Center Ballroom located on the third floor of the UC. Can be divided in the North Ballroom and the South Ballroom.

University Center Food Court Located on the second floor of the UC.

University Center Theater Movie theater located on the third floor of the University Center. Use "UC Theater" on second reference.

University of Montana Foundation Spell out on first reference. Refer to it as "the foundation" or "the UM Foundation" on second reference.

University Hall See Main Hall entry.

University of Montana See the University of Montana and UM entries.

University of Montana Rural Institute: A Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service Use "the University of Montana Rural Institute" on first reference. On subsequent references, use "the Rural Institute."

University system The official name is the Montana University System. "The university system" or "MUS" is acceptable on second reference. See Montana University System entry.

University Theatre Renamed the George and Jane Dennison Theatre in May 2012. Dennison Theatre on first reference is fine. Located in the Fine Arts Building.


up- See prefixes entry, but in general, no hyphen: upgrade, upstate, uptown, upend.

-up Check Webster's for hyphenation. Some common listings: breakup, buildup, cleanup, lineup, grown-up, follow-up, close-up. If the word is used as a noun but not listed in Webster's, hyphenate. As a verb, use two words: Please clean up after yourself. We need to build up his confidence.

uppercase One word for noun, verb and adjective when referring to the use of capital letters.

Urey Lecture Hall Acceptable on first reference. See entries for Harold C. Urey Lecture Hall and North Underground Lecture Hall.

utilize Replace with "use."