Editing Blocks

Blocks are represented by a Lego-like icon and are typically used for plugins and reusable content. This icon appears next to content when blocks are being used to generate this content.

There are two ways to edit block content:

  1. For many blocks, the block icon can be clicked on. A box will appear with details about which blocks and/or script is attached. Click the pencil icon and the edit screen for the block will appear.
  2. The block may also be found Cascade structure and edit in the block directly.  This may be the required method depending on how the block is attached to the page.

You will be taken to an edit screen for the block. Once finished, click “submit” and the changes you made will propagate throughout your site where the block is attached. You will need to republish these pages in order for the changes made in the block to appear outside of Cascade.

Although it is not required, we recommend keeping blocks in the _cms/blocks folder.


Ponderosa Setup Blocks

Setup Blocks are a special kind of block and the foundation of the Ponderosa Template.  For more information on Setup Blocks, please see the Setup Block documentation